Here at I heart teaching art we create and share a whole range of resources! You can read them as and when they are posted straight from our blog but if you're looking for something more particular here's a quick guide to our different features... 
3W is our regular feature which shares a selection of artists/designers/makers handpicked by us! We explain who they are, what they do and why we love their work! 

We love creating our own tutorials! We're huge fans of video tutorials so there's plenty of those as well as the odd set of visual instructions. As well as our own tutorials we also post about amazing tutorials we find created by other fabulous creatives and we cover everything from Photoshop to experimental painting techniques so check them out!

We're all currently teaching so we're constantly on the hunt for cool and exciting things to try with our students! Our lesson idea posts are our chance to share our own ideas with other creative teachers! The posts include things lesson plans, worksheets, project ideas, handouts, tutorials, contextual links and more!

We whole heartedly see digital technology as something which can enhance and inspire the learning experience for our students and us as teachers too. Within our digital posts we'll discuss new programmes, apps and software, tried and tested methods and ideas on ways you can integrate digital technology into your classroom! 

Visiting exhibitions is one of our favourite things to do! We're London and Hampshire based so we've got a fair few galleries within easy reaching distance, so if we see something beautiful we like to share it here! We also know there are tons of other galleries we can't get too, so sometimes we'll post about the beautiful things we wish we could see too! 

There are so many incredible things out there! Books, apps, software, materials, equipment, the list is endless. If we find something that we've found to be a blessing we'll share it with you in our review posts. We also attend a lot of CPD at external venues so we'll tell you all about the experience, freebies and if we recommend it!