Wednesday, 22 April 2015

digital: Canva and a happy third birthday here at I Heart Teaching Art

To celebrate our third birthday here at I Heart Teaching Art I've been playing around the online Graphic Software Canva. Earlier this week my partner went on a training course at work and afterwards he did not stop raving about it so I had to check it out and so far... I'm pretty impressed! The site allows you to make blog graphics, Facebook covers, posters and more in a matter of minutes! You can customise the fonts, colours and upload your own images into a selection of existing templates and they even have a ton of stock images which you can use if you don't have your own. 

Already I've come up with a few ideas of how it could used in the classroom...
  • Mocking up initial ideas with Graphic Students
  • Making beautiful things for classroom displays (but in much less time!) 
  • For those of you who are tutors and have to get your class to put together poster etc. for around school
  • If you run a blog, twitter, Facebook etc at school! Make some quick, stylish imagery! 

I can't believe it's been three years since we started the blog! I had fun looking back at the photo's we took when we first put the site together and chucked in a fun one of me and Kirsty having a bit of a giggle in B&Q last year whilst collecting paint for the end of year exhibition! We've had so much fun  with the blog and we're always overwhelmed with the positive feedback that we get from our readers! Thank you! 

- Claire 


  1. Wow I've just stumbled across this blog, I love it, and this Canva looks so useful. I'm an NQT art teacher, I was a graphic designer for 7 years before that so I still have a love affair with computers and digital art, I will also be teaching some graphics next year. Nervous and excited! Thanks for posting your work and ideas ladies, it is very appreciated!

  2. Thanks Hannah - sorry for the delayed reply. Hope your 1st year as an NQT is going well! We love digital art and jump in at any chance to use digital approaches - the students love it! What years are you teaching? Kirsty

  3. Just Y 11 and Y 13 for Graphics, and KS 3 and 4 for art. I am hoping to start a GCSE in photography next year, exciting times. One of the apps on here I have recommended for our new iPads, as I say this is an inspiring blog! Keep up the good work!