Thursday, 5 February 2015

classroom displays: colour theory meets art history

Ever since I got a Tate timeline I've wanted it displayed in my classroom but I wanted it to have a bit more substance than just a stand alone piece. Additionally this academic year I changed workplace wanted to have a fresh set of display pieces to put up so that I knew at least one board could be transformed as soon as moved in. Although I've taught fine art or art and design as part of my timetable over the last 5 years I've been based in and primarily taught Graphics or Textiles so I didn't have many display items ready to go! One of the things I enjoyed about Textiles was the emphasis on colour palettes so I decided to create a mash up of colour theory and art history and so my 'colour theory meets art history' board was created! I selected artists from across the Tate timeline and collated an example of their work (title and dates included), defined their colour palette and the art movement they were associated with. 

I created the sheets in Photoshop which was great as I could use the colour picker tool to take colours straight from the painting and drop them into my colour palette! I created 25 examples altogether and to display them place them in chronological order with the Tate timeline running across the middle! I think it's made a pretty good display board and I've found my students interact with it well either looking for examples of colour or asking questions about artwork that we may not have otherwise covered in class! Here it is in all it's glory...

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