Monday, 10 November 2014

lesson idea: monoprinting

I've recently started teaching in an 11-18 school which is a whole new experience as my life as a teacher has always been 16+. I'm really enjoying it and as a new employee of course shortly after joining the probationary period first lesson observation popped up! Year 7... oo! My class are currently working on a natural landscape project and we are working up to creating a collaborative wall hanging. Fortunately for me my lesson observation fell when we were about to start mono printing!

As it was my classes first time printing I wanted to ease them into and ensure that they got some good results before we developed and moved on to more drawing based approaches so I went on a nice walk in the woods and gathered some leaves to prepare for my lesson...

starter: teacher led demonstration. I demonstrated two techniques 'using leaves as a resist' and 'printing with leaves'. It's a great chance to cover the do's and don'ts for mono printing - demonstrate what happens if you lean on the plate, if you put too much ink on and if you put an inky roller on the desk! 

main:  I set the students the task of creating 4 prints 

- relief print using leaves on paper
- relief print using leaves on fabric
- leaf print on paper
- leaf print on newsprint

I got my students to work in pairs so that they could work together to go through the steps, it meant they were able to troubleshoot any problems they had and enabled me to get around to see each individual as they were able to ask each other rather than me constantly! I also made sure there were instructions taped to each table incase they got stuck! 

extension: over printing e.g. print the leaves back into a resist print 

plenary: Class discussion and recap! We re capped the 'how to' for each technique and discussed problems we encountered (such as leaves tearing, too much ink, too little ink) and the how the inked worked on different surfaces!  Also they are gonna need a nice chunk of time to get cleaned up and get the classroom back in shape! 

The following lesson we moved onto trace mono printing so that the students could utilise their drawing skills and I found it so helpful that they already new how to set up the plate! The final pieces they are creating for the project will now be a combination of all 3 techniques!

As always if you have a go at this lesson, or have done something similar we'd love to see it!
- Claire 

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