Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lesson idea: Acrylic Transfer

My Fine Art students are currently transitioning into A2 and I have spent most of the past month introducing them new techniques that are easy and cheap to do! This post is going to introduce you to the wonderful world of acrylic transfers which are simply, a photographic transfer process that creates beautiful prints of your chosen image on to any acrylic painted surface. Across this week my students have tested the technique on paper, fabric, acetate and wood and all have produced some confident results! What I love about this technique is that any image is suitable - it works in both black and white / colour (inkjet or laser printed!) and it can be developed further as backgrounds or into interesting textural collages like the work of Rauschenberg or Sally Mankus. Follow my easy how to, to get started...

Once the transfer has been rubbed off to reveal your final result consider the following ideas:

1. Acrylic transfers with different coloured paints
2. Drawing / painting into acrylic transfers
3. Creating transfers on different materials other than paper e.g. wood, plastic, cardboard...
4. Experimenting with scale, repetition and layers to create a mixed-media collage!

Here are some of my student responses and as always if you have tried this technique then we would love to see some of your own/student examples!

- Kirsty

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  1. What? This is so awesome. And could be done with any one k-8th (which is what I teach).