Thursday, 12 June 2014

End of Year Exhibition

These are a selection of images of the work on display, if you'd like to see more please click HERE

I imagine there's plenty of us art teachers out there at the moment who've just endured the craziness that is the end of May/beginning of June marking, moderators and end of year exhibitions! My craziness is all over now, phew! So I thought I'd share some of the incredible work my students have created this year. To give it a bit of context, this year I have been on a one year maternity cover as curriculum manager for Textiles. I feel extremely lucky to have spent a year only teaching Textiles and to have solely taught our A2 students. It has been an absolute pleasure and I feel very proud of what my students have achieved.  As a newbie to the college I also thought why not challenge myself and so in collaboration with my students put on the first ever Fashion Show as part of the exhibition! It was brilliant fun and a great way to showcase the work in an appropirate context. It was also a lovely activity to end on with the students as it was a real celebration. You can have a look at some of their wonderful work in the video below... 

Hope you've enjoyed having a look at the work and if you are in the area it's open to the public till 19th June - you can find details of the exhibition, here and see a selection of work from the whole art department, here
- Claire 

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