Monday, 20 January 2014

Techniques: Weaving

Inspiration sheet from my classroom display

This year I've been fortunate enough to be working as a full-time Textiles teacher! Textiles is predominately my background and I've longed to have the opportunity to do it full-time rather than the odd shared group or built into the BTEC. One of the reasons is because I knew it would force me to introduce myself to new techniques, personally I specialise in knit and embroidery so I was keen to learn something new. When I looked over one of the schemes of work I initially felt daunted and then excited 'The Weave Project', gulp! Pretty much fresh territory for me! I was fortunate enough to have a brilliant and very experienced colleague who got me up to speed but it also opened me up to a whole range of inspiring contemporary practitioners! Not only was weave exciting I also discovered that it's very much in vogue and there's an amazing range of exciting artists/designers out there to look at. 
In the picture above are some of the inspiring artists/designers I've come across when researching weave for my project. They are; Mimi Jung (tops left), Alex Segreti and Kelly Rakowski (top middle) All Roads Designs (who we posted about back in October) Maryann Talia Pau (accessorie piece) Hannah Waldron (long piece on far right) and Maryanne Moodie (not pictured, oops! but who I'm enjoying following on Instagram

So today's post was all about giving you a flavour of the inspirational artists/designers out there that could be used as contextual links for a project. I'm aiming over the next few weeks to share examples,  subject matter ideas, instructions and possibly video tutorials to get you as excited about weave as I am! If you just can't wait for that we've got a brilliant lesson/project idea which the wonderful Mrs Jo Baker shared with us back on the blog in November, you can check it out - HERE.  
- Claire  

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