Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Videre: DIY pinhole camera

We came across this awesome kickstarter project this week by designer Kelly Angood; the design is a DIY pinhole camera called 'The Videre'. The kit is screen printed and die-cut individually by hand onto thick recycled card. The self assembly kit comes with everything you need; a spare medium former spool, 0.4mm pinhole and a full set of instructions, and let's be fair it's a beautiful looking kit isn't it! We also love that it's made from mostly recycled materials and it's 100% made in England!

Anyway this is a kickstarter success story! Angood has been able to launch The Videre to the market after raising over £35,000 from 881 backers, more than double her original target! We reckon this might be something for our Christmas wish list - you can order one online now! There's also an awesome tumblr going and you can find out more on their website! We reckon the results could be pretty amazing, look at these portraits! You can also see the process of making them in the video below! 

41 days till Christmas!
- Claire 

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