Thursday, 15 August 2013

digital: Pinterest teachers hub

Who else is starting/getting on with their back to school planning? I know I've been starting to get on with it over the last few weeks doing little bits here and there. One of my favourite tools for planning is Pinterest, I've blogged about it on here before! I know there's lots of teachers out there using it and for good reason, it plays a really key role in my initial planning. I start by gathering worksheets, tutorials and inspiring artists and designers before putting together schemes of work and projects. Once I've done my final plans my boards are ready to be edited so that they are student friendly! Normally this just means re pinning so that it's in an order which matches how I plan to deliver the project. I also like making extension boards - additional artists/designers and resources that students can use to complete independent research to extend their learning. I have found that Pinterest definitely engages a lot of learners with research that before they may have been less than interested in completing! 

Anyway enough about my thoughts, pinterest have picked up on the trend of teachers using it and this week they've launched a Teachers Hub. Unfortunately for us UKers it's in USA format but if you can work out the corresponding grades to year groups there's bound to be some inspiring stuff on there! There is also subject specific boards, classroom display ideas and education blog boards. You can read more about the Teachers Hub and the reasons behind it on the pinterest blog, here and it's well worth checking out the art contributor Donna's pinterest account she has an amazing amount of inspiring pins. Of course don't forget to check out our pinterest too!
- Claire 

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