Friday, 15 February 2013

Lesson ideas: AS Exam Theme 'Covert and Obscured'

We've already posted about our A2 exam theme resources and linked to the brilliant ones others have created but let's not forget AS! Above is the video intro we used for AS Graphics which outlines the briefs we're setting and the artists/designers we'd suggest researching for it. Below are some additional resources from a range of fabulous people that we've found online... 

our resources - pinterest board
Sir John Lawes photography (has AS and A2 themed posts)

Graphic Communication
our resources - pinterest board

Fine Art
Saatchi Gallery - General schools section and PDF for the theme
Slide Show via TES

our resources - pinterest board 
our resources - paper dress lesson idea 
Slide show via TES

You can click through to view all our AS exam 2013 posts, HERE and A2 exam 2013 posts, HERE.  We're on Edexcel so that's what we've resourced for but there's a lot of stuff out there for AQA and OCR too and Art2day and Saatchi are great places to start looking!
- Claire  

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