Friday, 15 February 2013

Lesson ideas: A2 Exam Theme 'Inside, Outside, In between'

I love this time of year! For me the exam theme is exciting it's the only time you have a really restricted time period in which to create resources and the key thing that can take a while to decide on, the theme, is decided for you by the powers that be! We deliver A Level Graphic Communication, Textiles, Photography and Fine Art between us so we've got a few resources together to share and we've been hunting around online too to find the best stuff that's out there. For Graphics I love a video intro, I've posted about them before, they are really easy to put together. I created mine straight from the powerpoint I'd already put together by exporting the slides as .jpeg files then placing them into iMovie, adding a bit of music and then you've got something to give the intro a bit of a pop (and a slide for students to pour over and digest a bit slower in their own time!). It also give a quick overview to how we've interpreted the themes and the artists/designers we're looking at in graphics. What I like about the exam unit is that the further you get through it the more resources you can find so I've put together a quick set of links to what I think is the most exciting stuff out there online being shared! Keep checking back to this post as we'll add to it each time we find something new... 

Our resources - pinterest board 
Sir John Lawes photography (has AS and A2 themed posts)

Graphic Communication
Our resources - pinterest board

Fine Art 
Saatchi Gallery - General schools section and PDF for the theme
Exam Preparation Powerpoints (AS and A2) via TES 

Our resources - pinterest board

You can click through to view all our AS exam 2013 posts, HERE and A2 exam 2013 posts, HERE.  We're on Edexcel so that's what we've resourced for but there's a lot of stuff out there for AQA and OCR too and Art2day and Saatchi are great places to start looking!

- Claire  

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