Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Review: Tate Portfolio Advice Day

Today I took my BTEC National Art and Design students up the Tate Britain for the Portfolio Advice Day. The day is organised by the Tate alongside the University of Arts London and it gives students the chance to get expert advice on their portfolio as well as create some work in their pathway with the support of tutors and students from UAL. Talking to my students afterwards I got mixed response - I think some of them found it overwhelming, it's a completely new experience for them to show their work in that way but they all had positive things to say and had been given some good quality constructive criticism and all had ideas for ways they could improve their portfolio. It really is a unique opportunity for your students to get supported guidance from an outside source before they jump straight into interviews! The best part as well is the whole event is free (including lunch!) some of my students even got to visit the Pre-Raphaelite exhibit as part of their workshop. 

Another great part of the day is that they've thought it all through for us teachers too! Whilst your students are in the workshops and reviews there is a teacher event going on. In the morning session we got a brilliant talk from one of the UAL dean's, David Webster, who gave us in insight as to what they are looking for in a portfolio, showed examples of portfolios and discussed e-portfolios. It was also a great chance to meet and network with other teachers from across London. In the afternoon we had an interesting talk from one of the Tate curators who discussed this years nominees for the 2012 Turner Prize, the afternoon concluded with complimentary tickets for both the Turner Prize and the Pre-Raphaelite exhibitions, so all in all a lovely day out! 

If you didn't get a chance to go this year you can always check out the website, there's tons of hints and tips for your students for putting together a portfolio! Also look out for next years event! It's well worth it!
- Claire 


  1. hello i was at the portfolio advice day and you took pictures of our work in the first session.. where can i find them? as i want to use them for my portfolio

    thank you

  2. Hello - we weren't involved in the session with students I'm afraid so it wasn't us that took pictures! it might be worth asking your teacher/tutor to get in touch with one of the organisers though - hope you get hold of them!