Monday, 19 November 2012

Lesson idea: Jan Von Holleben

Jan Von Holleben is a wonderful photographer from Germany who specialises in what we would describe as installation photography. He sets up this incredible installation that combine objects and people in a playful and dreamlike manner. We've found our students really take to his work and we love delivering a lesson where we get the students to look at his work then have a go at creating their own installation. It's also brilliant for getting the students working in groups...

starter Video Inspiration: The Making of 'Dreams of Flying' by Jan Von Holleben 

10 MINUTES: Show and discuss further examples of Jan Von Holleben's work
20-30 MINUTES: Preparation in groups - choosing and creating props, lettering and experimenting with ideas for installation set up - it's great to the students to photograph these in progress processes too!
20-30 MINUTES: Installation and photographs - students to install and photograph their installation. Students in the groups not installing should take position somewhere with a good view of the set up (we're lucky as we've got a balcony area we can do this on!) so they can provide feedback and suggestions to the students working on their installation.

Teacher to upload photographs and project them so the whole class can view the final photographs for a group review! 

It's a really fun lesson and it's a great way to get the students working in groups and being creative with materials and props! It also gives them a chance to 'direct' each other in a photo shoot format. Here's some wonderful examples of our own students work when they did this lesson... 

- Claire 

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