Monday, 22 October 2012

Tutorial: Spray Painting

Last week I had a brilliant time with my AS Graphics students on their typography project having a go spray painting using a two layer technique! It's really simple but the outcome is really effective - this tutorial uses text for the stencil but this could easily work for all sorts of different shapes/objects/drawings! 

Materials needed:
- 2x pieces of card that are the exact same size
- 2 different coloured spray paints
- Cutting Knife
- Cutting Mat 
- Pencil
- 1x piece of card/paper or other surface for spray painting 

1. On your first piece of card sketch out your letters then cut them out using your cutting knife. We used the font blackout for our examples - it's great for stencilling! 
2. Line up your first piece of card with the second piece and trace your letters onto it. Sketch different shapes into the letters then cut out the shapes.
3. With your spray paint, spray through your letter stencil onto your chosen surface
4. Remove your letter stench and line up your shape stencil with your first spray. Select your second colour and spray through your shape stencil - ta da! you've got a two layer spray paint piece!  

As always if you have a go we'd love to see the results, check out the brilliant ones my students did last week... 

- Claire 

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