Tuesday, 30 October 2012

lesson ideas: halloween!

To end the first half term in my tutorial lessons this Autumn we went for a slightly spooky theme! I know not everyone would feel comfortable delivering something halloween themed but I found a few different things out there on pinterest that I decided were more 'art' than 'halloween'. I'm also a firm believer that the idea of creating work for a commission/client could be for anything - halloween included! Anyway a slight tangent there but I found some of the staff room conversation tilted in that direction a little when it was discovered I'd gone spooky last friday! Anyway we experimented with a few different craft activities, all of which I found via pinterest...

Shadow Puppets
Chez Beeper Bebe has some wonderful templates for halloween shadow puppets in this blog post! My students are post 16 so I used the lovely photograph from her post to get my students inspired and they came up with their own designs but if your teaching the younger years the templates might be handy! Once the students had made them we used our photographic studio lights against the white board and took photographs and made some short films!  

Ghost Treat Boxes
Mini-Eco designed and shared these amazing templates! There's a range of faces and step by step instructions. My students loved these and got pretty creative customising them as well - check out those bat wings! 

Halloween Bunting
We saw this wonderful bunting via organise your stuff now. It was really easy and very light on resources - just a few bits of coloured sugar paper (cut into triangles!) and some markers and now I've got some cute bunting decorating my graphics room!  

We had our lesson on the last day of the half-term so I just got the students rotating through the different activities whilst we played some halloween songs (you can find mine if you search halloween spotify playlists!) and ended with a half-term course review and me handing out a few sweets!

Happy Halloween!
- Claire 

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