Saturday, 6 October 2012

Julie Cockburn tutorial: Part II

As promised here is the final part of our Julie Cockburn inspired tutorial. We used this tutorial with our BTEC National students as part of their photography project and although more complex than part I they loved it! The tutorial below shows our own interpretation of how you might create a Julie Cockburn image digitally using clipping masks and the shape tool in Photoshop. Students can then play around with embedding the new image into the 'old' one by using the layers palette to create geometric patterns over the subject's face. We got our students to first create a handmade version before doing this tutorial by using old vintage photographs, cutting them up and creating fun geometric patterns so they had a strong sense of direction for the digital version. At this point it is important to stress to your students how Julie Cockburn uses a limited colour palette in order to keep within her overall 'theme'. If you haven't tried part I yet then head over and give it a go the results can look great!

- Kirsty 

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