Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Julie Cockburn tutorial: Part I

from left to right: Julie Cockburn, our version!

Welcome to our Part I tutorial of a Julie Cockburn inspire image. Julie Cockburn is a wonderful contemporary artist who takes primarily found vintage photographs and cuts, embroiders and collages them to make her 'own' images. We found her work last year through pinterest and since then we've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to embed her links between the past and the present in our lessons. On Monday we got the chance to finally do this and we had a lot of students tell us how much they enjoyed the lesson at the end (as a teacher this makes all the hard work worth while!) Whenever I introduce students to a new approach in Photoshop I always try to include a handmade version in the lesson so they can compare the two approaches. To do this: print of some digital images that keep in the theme of Julie Cockburn and get your students to cut shapes or geometric patterns out of coloured tissue paper and stick over the top of areas they want to selectively enhance. Our students love this approach and I find it really helps them understand and appreciate digital artwork in the long term. Have a go at the tutorial below with your BTEC or A-Level students - it can work as a great introduction to Photoshop (shapes, colour palette, opacity and layers) or turn into something much more complex. The outcomes are unique, fresh and show a simplistic side to creating art. Watch out for our second part of our Julie Cockburn tutorial on Saturday where you can combine all techniques into a double lesson. Have fun photoshopping!

- Kirsty 

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