Tuesday, 23 October 2012

3W: Ryan Berkley

what: Animal portraits
why: because we love animals and all things vintage looking so this is the perfect combination! We came across the talented Mr. Ryan Berkley on Etsy where he has an incredibly successful shop 'berkleyillustration' which has sold over 30,000 prints since starting up in 2007. So the story goes, Ryan, a self-taught artist started drawing animal portraits in 2006 for an Art Fair. The 'ancestor' themed animal portraits were so popular that it has become a labor of love ever since with a growing army of dedicated followers eager to see what his clever little pencil will draw next. Painstakingly rendered and brilliantly life like it's not hard to see how he has made such a success of his shop. We are even considering buying multiple prints ourselves! Head on over to his shop to see an almighty array of animals from meerkats to sharks!

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