Saturday, 13 October 2012

3W: Douglas Alves

what: beautiful mixed-media illustrations
why: because it's about time he got featured as our 3W of the week! At I Heart Teaching Art we can't resist stunning illustrations on top of a photographic image and Douglas Alves does just that. You may recognise his mixture of bizarre realistic images and unique drawings of the world from known clients such as MTV, Coca Cola and the BBC (if you haven't then check them out!) His illustrations remind us of the front cover of Bjork's album 'Vespertine' where a similar technique of nature, forms and surreal collages has been used. If you have a darkroom in your school/college then try creating your own versions with your students. We get our students to draw up their own illustrations on tracing paper/acetate and then overlay the drawing on top of their photographic enlargement in the darkroom. The results are great and it makes a good contextual comparison for their books!

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