Tuesday, 11 September 2012

tutorials: The Best Adobe Illustrator Logo Tutorials on the Web!

With the start of the autumn term meaning the start of all our new graphics projects (exciting!) we are all about logo design right now. Here at ihta we pride ourselves on creating our own tutorials and resources, but as you all know teachers can often do with a little helping hand and what better resource to tap into than the wealth of experts and industry professionals posting their tuts free online? So since I have been researching this already for my students I thought I would share with you the best of the resources I came across for logos created with Adobe Illustrator.  I have tried to order them starting off with some of the basics and jumping to those cool glossy button type effects we have come to see as synonymous with new technology and the web - including the iTunes logo. Check these out and don't forget to contact us if you come across any of your own to add to our collection! Also, for an awesome collection of cool logos to help inspire your students head over to logo of the day and follow us on youtube where we have a special section dedicated to logo tutorials that we like. Enjoy!

- Jess 
Adobe Illustrator shape making techniques

Guitar logo

initials logo

itunes text logo

itunes glossy button logo

Logo using gradients

3D Logo

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