Thursday, 27 September 2012

tutorial: M&M Paris Clipping Masks

from left to right: C is for claire (my example), M&M Paris A is for anne catherine, M&M Paris R is for Rafael

M&M Paris are wonderful! A collection of their work I particularly like is the alphabet series. Their first alphabet collection was produced for V magazine in collaboration with Inez van Lamsweerde and Vidooh Matadin and was created using photographs of 26 female models. Each woman's image was reworked into the initial of their first name and since then they've also created the alphamen and the pradalphabet. When I came across it I just knew I needed to show it to my AS Graphics students as part of their typography project. I love that there's a female and a male version as it means there's relevant examples for all and it leads well into introducing a few simple techniques in Photoshop - desaturating and adjusting the brightness/contrast of an image, using clipping masks and introducing the brush tools. Perfect for a few lessons in and the final outcome looks really slick. Check out the tutorial below to create your own M&M Paris inspired type and as always if you try this out with your students we'd love to see the results!

- Claire 

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