Thursday, 6 September 2012

tutorial: digital mood boards

Example of a Digital Mood Board created  for an AS Graphics Typography Project with a T-shirt outcome! 
1. Artist inspiration: Si Scott t-shirt2. My Experiment: Si Scott inspired type3. Artist inspiration: Si Scott Typography4. Examples of existing t-shirts: C'mon sin with me t-shirt via Typotees5. Colour: The colour palette I want to use6. Sayings and Expressions: Possible 'Sayings and Expressions' from song lyrics8. Artist inspiration: typography by Yulia Brodskaya

Mood boards are something that I get my students to do for almost all their projects, however I remember when I first started teaching my idea of a mood board and my students idea of a mood board were very different! My idea is that it should be a collection of imagery, colour and text that represents a theme or a concept for a project. Their idea was that they should just find loads and loads of images and stick as many as possible on to a page and so I was eager to find a way to change their way of working! 

This particular tutorial was created with students who were using blogs in mind so it takes them through uploading the mood board to their blog and ensuring they provide 'image sources' by linking back to where they found their images - which I think is a nice bit of embedded Internet etiquette and a chance to discuss copyright and image ownership if that's relevant to your students! I've found the mood boards my students have created since watching this tutorial have been much more refined and have provided them with a much stronger reference point later in the project, so I hope you have similar success if you use it! Let us know if you do, we'd love to see the results!

- Claire 

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