Monday, 24 September 2012

review: London Design Festival

Just wanted to put up a quick review having ventured off to London Design Festival at the weekend. My original plan may have been a little ambitious - I didn't manage to make it out to East London but I certainly saw plenty! Anyway I wanted to put a post up quickly as although most of the events finished yesterday, one didn't and it was probably my favourite of the day, The Prism. The Prism is a digital installation piece by Keiichi Matsuda, the digital screens are constantly changing as their fed by data relating to London with everything from the Boris bike's to the stock market interacting with it. The result is stunning but one of the best parts about the installation is that it's up in a part of the gallery, behind the scenes, which has never been open to the public. It's like walking around an attic, only it's the attic of the V&A and there's amazing art in it and if that wasn't enough the second part of the tour also includes climbing up a crazy free standing spiral stair case which leads up to the roof of the V&A - the views are stunning and this was an unexpected bonus for me! I was completely blown away - and you can be too! It's open till Friday all you need to do is book online, HERE and it's totally free! I couldn't recommend it more! Don't miss out! 

- Claire 

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