Thursday, 13 September 2012

lesson idea: paper installation

Okay, so I think my favourite craze in the world of graphics right now is paper art installation. It's insane the amount of wonderful work that's out there and I can't get enough of it! Our pinterest board is fast filling up and every time I see a new piece I'm in completely awe at the skill level involved in creating this work and it gets me totally inspired.

So our lesson inspired by paper installation began when we discovered the work of Darcy Prendergast (we've posted about him before!) who recreated the Sydney Harbour out of stationary. We showed our students the video below as a starter....

...and got them to fill in a worksheet answering the following points: how many different materials can you spot in the clip? what is the purpose of the piece? do you like the piece? why? why not? write at least 3 keywords to describe the piece of artwork, after watching it. We then got them having a go themselves seeing what sort of shapes and structures they could create with a single sheet of paper, before getting them collaborating to create a final paper installation! We used the theme of buildings and the final result looked pretty amazing! You can see some photos of it, here. I really recommend giving this a go - it was a great start to the project and it really got the students thinking outside the box about the potential of working with paper and creating work by hand!
- Claire 

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