Monday, 10 September 2012

lesson idea: 14 Day Photography Challenge

I'm just about to kick off a new Photography Project with my students and I was looking for inspiration for an induction project when I came across this on pinterest and I thought ah-ha! That's it! The worksheet above is my 2 week aka 14 day induction project task! I'm gonna set it as an independent study task. I'm particularly interested to see what camera type my students opt for, with mobile phone technology these days I'm sure some of them have got camera phones better than my actual camera! I'm hoping it'll inspire and encourage them to carry a camera with them and photograph on a more regular basis throughout the project, I'll let you know how it goes! 

It also reminded me how many great art challenges are out there and how it could be applied to pretty much any field of art and design. If you're looking for inspiration or want some examples to show your students these are some of my favourites: Lisa Congdon: A Collection a Day365 Logos by Srdjan Kirtic and The Uniform Project (1 dress, 365 days). What are you waiting for? Set your students a challenge now! 

- Claire 

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