Thursday, 20 September 2012

exhibition: London Design Festival

It's one of my favourite things about September, no not back to school, it's London Design Festival! Yay! The perfect excuse for me to run around London like a crazy person trying to cram as much design as possible! If only such incredible stuff was on throughout the year, although perhaps it wouldn't seem nearly as exciting if it was. Anyway I thought I'd share my plan of events to rush around and check out this weekend. Here we go, first stop, The V&A it is full to the brim with events there's the light tunnel, prism and Juliana Sissons Knitwear is on display to name a few and as you'll be near by why not check out OYUNA and Peter Marigold's collaboration as it's just over the road! Trafalgar Square always has exciting stuff on during the design festival and this year is no exception they've got a sound portal which aims to hit you with design you can't see, instead it's going to be all about what you hear with sound coming from a whole host of incredible musicians. Staying centrally there's the Domestic Matters exhibition at the Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery and fine cells 'stitch a message to a prisoner' workshop (by the way, Fine Cell do incredible work in our prisons you should look them up if you've not heard of them before!). Finally why not head out East, the biggest event is of course Tent London at the Old Truman Brewery and is also I might add the first and only paid event I've selected, it's incredible that all these other wonderful events are free, but tent is well worth the money as you can see some of the finest contemporary design from around the globe all under one roof. After that you could nip up the road and check out the launch of Tracey Neuls and Tord Boontje's limited edition footwear collection which I can just tell will be stunning. Then after all that running around you'll be needing some food and drink (and maybe a bit more art) so you can end at the Hewett Street Block Party! Well that's my slightly ambitious plan anyway and to help me find my way I'm using the LDF iPhone app, it's great because you can look up events on the day and even more handy is the maps to everywhere! Are you heading to the design festival? Let us know what events you're going too and how they were +  I'll be tweeting and what not as I make my way round to try and tempt you to head up!

- Claire 

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