Monday, 17 September 2012

digital/review: iMotion HD

Gorgeous timelapse sunrise created by my dad using iMotion HD

This weekend my dad introduced me to what I think will soon become my favourite ever app for my iPhone/iPad, iMotion HD. The app allows you to create stop motion and time lapse animations with complete ease - you can take still frames manually (which I tried yesterday) or set it up on a timer (what my dad did in the video above!) so it takes shots itself at regular intervals. After you've got all your shots you simply click 'stop' and your images will be transformed into a movie, you can adjust the speed then export it. It really is that simple! Interestingly there's a free and a paid version, the paid one offers a direct export to You Tube but it's easy enough to just export it to your photos, email and then upload it so I don't think the paid option is vital! We're lucky enough to have some iPads at our college and I'm doing an animation unit with my BTEC students at the start of the Spring term - I think this will be a brilliant way to introduce them to stop motion, so hopefully I'll have some student examples in a few months! 

- Claire 

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