Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A picture can say a thousand words...

A picture can say a thousand words... but here are some adjectives to help your students! We used the above image to help our photography students write their 3W (who, what, why) posts on their pinterest boards the other day and it worked really well. Sometimes students can struggle with finding the right words to describe an artists work but the visual example helped them understand what type of words are required within a personal response. What's great about the adjective word sheet is that it can be used for any art and design subject. Be it writing about a painting, sculpture or a fashion garment... the list is endless! It really is a great resource to have available in your lessons or to even put up on your classroom wall. The words might even inspire your students and get them thinking about creating their own works of art that are 'unusual', 'striking' or 'fresh'. It's also a great way to subtly teach new words to your class! Why not try getting your students to title the back page of their sketchbook 'dictionary' and every time they learn a new describing word - write it down with the definition. 

Do you use any other literacy techniques with your classes? Then let us know - We'd love to see your ideas!

- Kirsty 

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