Tuesday, 25 September 2012

3W: Serena Cole

Serena Cole 'Search and Destroy' 2011

what: Mixed media portraiture
why: because these portraits are meticulous in detail, alluring in their high fashion couture subject matter and beguilingly dark and mysterious all at the same time. Serena's work swings wildly from the surreal to the simple with works such as the above 'Search and Destroy' venturing into the fantastical comparing starkly with her  'Black Mirrors' portraits set against an ominous black background. Serena works in pencil crayon, that long forgotten medium now having a revival back to acceptability and combines this with watercolour, ink, gouache, photo transfer and gold leaf to exquisite effect. Her work would be a great introduction to the complexities of the portrait as a subject matter for students and this combined especially considering her chosen media. Check out this interview with Serena on The Block Magazine website for further insight into her artwork. 

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