Saturday, 8 September 2012

3W: Jasper James

what: Urban portraits
why: because this series of clever images are hard to forget once they've been seen. The images above are part of a series entitled 'City Silhouettes' and look like reflections of people against cityscapes but are actually images all composed inside of the camera. No compositing or Photoshop work - just a set of portraits that are layered over cityscapes in the most beautiful way. The subtle colours and tones create a calm atmosphere which makes you think and consider the work more closely: what is the connection between these people and the city which they are blended with? Is it their home? Their future or past? Maybe, its just a statement about the new world we live in. Either way it leaves us totally lost in translation and we love it! Watch out for our Photoshop tutorial next week where we will be showing you how to re-create your own images in the style of Jasper James. 

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