Saturday, 22 September 2012

3W: Erin Case

who: Erin Case
what: weird and wonderful photo-collages
why: because we're guilty addicts of any collage with a portrait in it! Erin Case skillfully pieces together old photographs and beautiful landscapes to create surreal juxtapositions that gets our heads in all of a spin. The images are either hand-cut and glued together or created in a digital collaboration with Andrew Tamlyn to form new, exciting yet strange enhanced compositions that we can't get enough of. There's just something about the combination of colour with a zillion textures that reminds us of old film posters from a bygone era. Erin if you ever read this we'd love to do an interview with you to find out more about your wonderful work!


  1. Thanks so much, and I'd love to do an interview for you! <3