Friday, 7 September 2012

3W: The Cat Scan

what: just what it says on the tin - scans of cats!
why: because it's a quirky idea and we love nothing more than stumbling across something unusual! What's really cool about it is that the project invites people to scan in their own cat to submit to the blog meaning there is an archive of hundreds of them and you get to join in! I particularly like the squashed looking ones where the fur is pressed against the glass, reminds me of a cat version of a Jenny Saville. Set up simply by someone called Jon via tumbler we follow the trail of crumbs to his main blog 'giddyographer' which gives little away about how the project started. What's nice about it is that Jon appears to have no artistic training, just a random sense of humour and the gumption to do something about it! We could all learn something from that! Now to find me a cat and get scanning...

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