Thursday, 23 August 2012

tutorial: august tutorial round up!

1. Amazing blanket stitch instructions by Purlbee, 2. How to make a cloud by Serena at The Farm Chicks (I seriously need to try this),  3. Anthotypes by alternative photography, 4. dip dye ribbons by ruffled, 5. making pom poms with a fork (adorable!) by Vivid Please, 6.  Pendulum Painting by Martha Stewart

For those of you who follow us on pinterest, you might have noticed that we have quite a large collection of tutorials pinned. Tutorials are probably my favourite thing to read, collect, pin and probably one of my favourite things about the internet in general! There's nothing cooler than sharing awesome ideas in this format, I love doing it myself and I love learning how to do something new from someone else!  Anyway I'm going to do a monthly round up of my favourite finds to share with you all - if you need a dose more than once a month though you can always swing by our tutorials board on pinterest!

- Claire 

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