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Review: Just For You - Designs From The Heart

Just For You - Designs From The Heart 

I have my brother ( creativity runs in the family) to thank for finding this gem of a book. It was instantly a must-have for my burgeoning collection of books with the soul purpose to inspire. First off let's discuss the facts. This is not a tutorial book, neither is it an essay book, in fact there are relatively few words in it. This is what I would call a beautiful book. One of those rare species of books thats design is as beautiful as the contents. From front cover and end papers, through page after page brimming with the weird and wonderful it is just utterly gorgeous. No doubt the reason being that Pablo Correa is himself a graphic designer and this was his baby. 

Just For You - end papers

The book is about Correa's quest to make public all those non-commercial projects carried out as affectations of love. Those special private handmade gesture's carrying their intimate messages that give us a sneak peek into the souls of those creative genii who made them. As we all know, it is often the labour of love, made for a significant other that is indeed the manifestation of our best work. The book is split into four sections objects, cards, posters/logos, illustrations/photos, meaning that there is a wide variety of exciting mediums and processes to engage even the least artistic students interest. 

Kariann Burleson - What is this blood?

The 'objects' section contains an eclectic mix, from handmade toys, cd packaging, sketchbooks, t-shirts and even a lunch box made out of a gasoline can! Kariann Burleson's 'What is this blood?' (above) is a gift to her friend Eric that is a 'metaphorical kit with an assemblage of found, personal, coincidental, and symbolic tokens, objects, feelings and ephemera' on the theme of life, love, self, connection and the 'veins of mystery'. I also loved the photographic 'Cubes' (below left) created by Mario Rodriguez made for his girlfriend as something that they could assemble together. This could work well as a photography lesson, imagine each member of the class making one and then stacking them all together?! Fun! Sara Pedrero Diaz created her neatly packaged and very real looking 'Sushi that's never past it's sell by date' out of felt and beads for Pablo as 'he is crazy about sushi'. We heart food made from textile's and this is another wacky idea that could really get the students going, check out Kate Jenkins crochet art for further inspiration.  

Mario Rodriguez - Cubes (above left)
Sara Pedrero Diaz - Sushi that's never past it's sell by date  (above right)    

Daniela Achoyan - Chronicle of a love foretold

Daniela Achoyan's 'Chronicle of a love foretold' is a beautiful hand made book made for her friend which encapsulates the email love story of two long distance lovers from computer monitor and key pad, through excerpts from the emails that ignited their love and the final plane journey to their meeting. This is not just a tale of true love's romance, but of the love of a friend who lost her companion as she flew to the man of her dreams. Gorgeously designed and a breath-taking story of long distance love and friendship this is without a doubt my favourite piece in the book, I would love to read it!

Martin Albornoz Bruster - Blood stencil

Finally, just to show you the huge contrast in this book is the macabre gift that Martin Albornoz Bruster gave to his mother! It is a blood stencil on paper taken from a tattoo of her on his arm... interesting!

Hopefully that has give you a little insight into this fabulous, weird and wonderful book brimming with interesting and inspiring pieces to engage students and teachers alike!

- Jess 

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