Monday, 27 August 2012

digital: digital tools we love part IV

When it comes to the start of a new project I'm always keen to show my students as much visual information as I can - I want them to see the artists/designers that have inspired me to create the project in the first place and I want them to get inspired too! The thing is, when I first started teaching the only way I'd ever seen this done was using a PowerPoint presentation or endless print outs and it didn't seem to quite cut it. PowerPoints always make me feel like I'm meant to explain and discuss every image and print outs seem like a crazy use of paper, I wanted something fresh and engaging that allowed my students to just get a quick flavour of the project that drew them in so they got excited about it without me giving them my opinion of why it's a great project and how the project ought to take shape. Then it came to me - a video! Above is the first ever 'video intro' I created for my students, the class I showed it too responded really well - they loved it having a bit of music, it meant they got their own bit of time to digest the project and it made a great starter at the beginning of the lesson! We create our videos using iMovie as you can quickly drop still images, add text and captions and then drop some music into it - it's really simple, in fact I found it's quicker than creating a PowerPoint (or the like!) and has captured my students attention a lot more effectively. 'Video intro' is my favourite way to start a project and I've got a bunch lined up for September, as have the rest of the team check out this amazing one that Kirsty put up today for her photography project! It's brilliant! 

- Claire 

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