Wednesday, 8 August 2012

3W: Rachel Whiteread

who: Rachel Whiteread
what: beautiful candy-coloured pieces of resin!
why: because they simply take our breath away. We were reminded yesterday of Whiteread's work (thanks to the jealous curator) that has got our heads in all of a spin. There's just something so nice about these resin pieces. They give out some weird eery, ghostly presence that sends shivers down our spines! Each object (mainly doors and windows) are casted and our attention is drawn to the casts imperfections. There are air bubbles in the resin, surface imprints of the release agent and the materiality of the work makes us focus on the objects impurities. It's really refreshing an art teacher to see work that isn't perfect and that's the whole point of it. Rachel Whiteread also designed one of the 2012 Olympic Games posters... so, keeping in the olympic spirit she gets our gold medal!

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