Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tutorial: Vintage Collage

I've been having so much fun learning new Photoshop techniques lately that I thought I would share this quick little technique with you. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a vintage collage using images such as pin ups, old adverts, patterns and much more. I even used our own i heart teaching art contributor's knitted birds! I hope you enjoy my take on a vintage collage, let's go...

step one: Open up Photoshop > New (document) > and set the size to 600x800 pixels. step two: Find some old paper for your background image. You could either scan something that looks old or go onto Flickr like I did and search for 'old paper'. Once your happy with your background design, open it up in Photoshop, create a new layer and copy it into your 600x800 document. Re-size your image to fit the whole of your background and change the opacity to 60%. Finally, make sure your background layer is set to white. step three: Select the 'Rounded Rectangle Tool' and create a rounded rectangle with your choice of colour. I decided I wanted a vintage woman flying high in the sky so I set my rectangle colour to blue. Make sure the radius of your shape is set to about 100 pixels to give your corners a nice curve! step four: You now need to create a layer mask on your layer from step three. You can do this by simply clicking Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All. After, that, select the brush tool - set the colour to black and use some brushes to erase parts of your coloured triangle. I downloaded some free watercolour brushes for mine and decided to create some clouds for my sky effect. I also added a 'Noise Filter' to my design to make it look that little bit more vintage! If you want to do this, just simply select the rectangle layer - go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and then play around with the amount of noise you want within your image. Once happy, press OK. 

step five: Next, it's time to search for your iconic lady. I searched for 'vintage adverts' or 'vintage pin ups' to find the perfect woman for my design. Once you've found your image, cut out your lady using the 'Magnetic Lasso Tool' and paste her into your design as a new layer. 

step six: Convert the lady's layer to 'Smart Objects' and apply a 'Smart Sharpen'.

step seven: Now, using the 'Pen Tool' create three triangles (or more!) Once you have your black triangles you can change the layer styles:

1. In 'Advanced Blending', set the 'Fill Opacity' to 0%
2. In 'Colour Overlay', choose a colour you want your triangles to be and set the 'Blend Mode' to 'Colour Burn'. Make sure you do this to each triangle. 
3. Repeat step 4 and use your brushes again to erase some parts of the shapes to make it look worn out and old. 

step eight: Your vintage collage is nearly complete - yay! Add any other pictures that you think it might need such as text, scribbles, planes, buildings, etc. Remember to add them in as new layers - you could even delete parts of your new image like step four. I added some birds to mine and repeated step 7 again by adding a magenta colour overlay to really complete my collage. 

step nine: It's now time to show off your image to the world! Print it out, make cards, put it in a frame and hang it up... the results are endless and I'm sure you'll become slightly addicted to creating more collages like me. You could even use this tutorial in your graphics or photography lessons with student's own imagery to create something fun, unique and personal. Check out Brazilian Eduardo Recife's fantastic collages for a great contextual link who will provide some inspiration to get you and your students started. We'd really like to see any collages that you create so please comment and leave a link for us to view it! We will also be creating a video tutorial for this technique soon so watch this space!
- Kirsty 

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