Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tutorial: Paper Relief and Rubbing

Paper relief and rubbings are brilliant and fun techniques that I often use as part of observational studies at the start of a project - particularly for 3D/Sculptural projects. It's also a technique I've used outside of my usual sixth form teaching. The video below gives step by step instructions, I used it as a starter for a lesson observation with a year 9 class at an interview a few months ago - it went down really well and I think it's a cool technique that can be adapted and used with a variety of year groups.

Got access to a printing press? We've got a beautiful one in our department! If you have too you can also extend this task by creating an embossing. All you need to do is soak some paper (ideally something quite heavy or watercolour!), pat it off so it's damp not soaking, place your paper relief on the printing bed and the damp water on top then run it through the press! The end result is stunning!

- Claire 

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