Saturday, 28 July 2012

Tutorial: Letterpress effects in Photoshop

At I Heart Teaching Art we believe that art needs to be interactive no matter what course subject be it fine art, graphics or photography. We love getting students to create work that you just want to touch and this tutorial is going to teach you how to create beautiful typographic letterpress effects. You may of seen Claire's embossing tutorial a few weeks ago (if not go check it out!) - this is a great addition that compliments her lesson activities really well.

So, you may be thinking what could I use this technique for? Well, it could be a great part of a typographic lesson. As a starter activity students could test different approaches of 'hand' letter pressing before moving on to create the same effect digitally. We're fortunate enough to have some some lovely metal letterpress stamps in our department and they look great stamped into thick, watercolour paper. If you don't have then don't worry just make some letterforms out of thin aluminium wire, wet some paper and hammer the letters in one by one. You'll get some great effects! Students can then follow 
our digital letterpress tutorial above and compare the differences in a group critique at the end of the lesson. This effect could also be a good alternative to our textile inspired album cover tutorial or even swing tag packaging. Have fun and if you use this effect in class then please share the results - we'd love to see them!

vintage envelope: Fuzzimo
brushes: We Function

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