Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tutorial: How to use the blend tool to make cool text and imagery

Flower - Jessica Townsend     Slinky Type Paul Hollingworth

As promised (albeit a little late) here are my tutorials on how to make this charming spirograph style flower image and some other really cool things such as the 'Slinky Type' above by Paul Hollingworth.

I stumbled across the 'blend tool' in Adobe Illustrator by chance whilst having a play around one day and it is one of the coolest and simplest functions of the program guaranteed to give you that 'wow' moment and bring you and your students hours of fun! There are lots of great things you can do with this tool so I will be introducing the basics today and then bringing you more advanced techniques in my next tutorial post.

Part 1. Blend tool introduction and how to create simple 'slinky text'

Part 2. Creating simple spirography style imagery using the blend tool

Hope you enjoyed these little tutorials! Don't forget to watch out for Part 3 (coming soon) to see how to make more advanced imagery inspired by one of my all time hero's Andy Gilmore (below).

Magical Geometric Digital Art by Andy Gilmore

- Jess 

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