Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tutorial: How to use the Blend Tool in Adobe Illustrator Part 3

This is the last of my tutorials on how to use the blend tool in Adobe Illustrator and hopefully this will round off the set nicely and give you a small insight into how you might go about using the technique to create a beautiful piece of digital abstract art like those by Andy Gilmore. The tutorial is intended to show a direct replica of one of Gilmore's works for educational purposes so please experiment with the techniques to come up with your own design! Also, this is my interpretation of how you might create this effect and it is by no means the actual technique used by the artist. 

Magical Geometric Digital Art by Andy Gilmore

Part 3: How to use the Blend Tool in Illustrator to create an Andy Gilmore digital artwork.

Then why not head over to Veerle's Blog and have a go at her tutorial on how to create Andy Gilmore style multi-coloured spirograph (below) learning how to use the rotate tool in the process!

Happy tutorial-ing!

- Jess 

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