Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tutorial: Ghosting an image in Photoshop

As I've been planning for my new distortion project I thought to myself there must be an easy way to digitally manipulate a photo to give it a warped appearance and after much playing around on Photoshop... here it is! This tutorial is a really quick, fun and simple technique to create distorted 'ghostly' images and I think students will love it. It helps if you start of with the right type of portrait so for mine I chose in honour of Claire, Gwen Stefani (if you haven't noticed by now she's a bit of a no doubt fan!) Images that work best are going to be those that look shocked or scared so get your students to practice in class by posing with props and using lighting to really dramatise their image. Once you're happy, download the images onto a computer and follow the video tutorial below.

You could easily combine this technique into a whole lesson looking at movement. Start of with this digital technique and then take your students into the darkroom to experiment with movement of photographic paper. You can distort the image or give the illusion of movement by twisting, bending or dragging photographic paper on the enlarger baseboard. This technique works with photograms or negative prints and all you have to do is play around with the varying length of exposure. Like the sound of this? Then have a look at my BTEC L2 Photography Pinterest board for some inspiration.

PS. This is my first time at creating a video tutorial so I hope it's easy to follow. Enjoy!

- Kirsty 

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