Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tutorial: 3 Colour Stencil

This tutorial is blissfully easy and fabulously simple. What's more is that you can either use your finished artwork as a digital stencil, or print out the layers separately, cut out the coloured sections and spray paint the stencils for a more hand made feel!

equipment Adobe Photoshop, Photograph, Card, Scalpel, Cutting Matt, Spray Mount, Spray Paint

one: Follow this tutorial

two: print out your separate layers three: spray mount onto card four: cut out the coloured area of both of your images very carefully using a sharp scalpel five: find a suitable surface and spray glue the lightest stencil (the one with the most area cut out) onto your surface six: spray with a mid / light  colour (not black or very dark) seven: place your second stencil over your recently sprayed area (leaving it to dry first) and spray in place with spray glue eight: stand back and admire your work!

- Jess 

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