Monday, 30 July 2012

digital: digital tools we love part III

I think all 3 of us are in total agreement that screen toasting is a digital tool which we love! Screen toasting is recording your screen, so what ever you're doing you can record it then share, play back, watch, etc. It's what we use for around 90% of our tutorials. So we use quicktime as we've already got it on our systems and the video below will show you just how quick it is to do!

It really is that quick and simple and we've found it really helpful for everything from basic photoshop tutorials to the more complicated stuff! It means our students can work at a speed their comfortable with and go back over things if needed. Most of the time we'll create a tutorial prior to the lesson but occasionally we'll embed it into the lesson, so we'll record the screen whilst demoing a technique to the students so they can see how it works real time and ask questions, which of course are recorded within the tutorial, then re watch the video if needed later in the lesson. Something I'm looking forward to introducing next term is getting my students to screen toast - this could be anything from showing how they did a technique, so their own mini tutorial, to presenting their digital work in a presentation like manner - I'll keep you posted on the results of this! 

So what if you haven't got quicktime? Well, I've heard good things about screencast o matic, cam studio (windows only) and Jing which are all free programmes, let me know how you get on if you have a go with any of these! Also if you've got an interactive white board in your classroom have a look through your different functions, we use Smart which has it's own in built screen toasting function. Happy toasting!  
- Claire 

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