Friday, 20 July 2012

3W: Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore Kaleidoscope

what: Digital Art
why: because we love his magical digital masterpieces! Andy Gilmore's work is all the more interesting as it transcends the boundary between graphic design and fine art with it's kaleidoscopic colours and hypnotic imagery. Made using graphic design techniques but more closely linked with abstract art than design, his work is pure etherial genius and deserves to be celebrated alongside the greats of the abstract art genre. This comparison could make for an interesting art lesson / discussion. Gilmore links his work very strongly to music and indeed it has a very strong 'synaesthetic' quality bringing to mind the work of Kandinsky and another potential lesson theme. Andy Gilmore we salute you for your ingenuity and mind boggling brilliance! Keep a look out for a the follow up tutorial where Jess will attempt to un-pick some of Gilmore's techniques. 

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