Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tutorials: Having a go myself!

One of my favourite things about teaching is the chance to continue practising and updating my own art skills, I love nothing more than spending a bit of time actually having a go myself. For our AS-A2 project with our Photography and Graphics students me and my wonderful colleagues have been busy making and finding new video tutorials and this week I got the chance to have a go! Our new Graphics project is called 'Song of the Summer' so I thought I'd get involved too, I've used some pictures of one of my favourite bands No Doubt for my own experiments... 

There's tons of tutorials out there for stencilling so rather than make our own we followed this amazing one! What we loved about it was that it shows you how to make a stencil effect image in Photoshop and then takes you through printing, cutting and spray painting it as well so you've got handmade and digital all rolled into one! 

We took inspiration from this album cover by Pulp for this tutorial - it shows a few different techniques using the pen tool, clipping masks and creating a brush! The sequins take a while but it's quicker than sewing them by hand! 

We loved the 2009 Grammy's Typographic Posters so we created these two tutorials (here and here). I think this was one of my favourite tutorials to try myself! 

So there you have it! I had real fun making these this week! I hope you enjoy our tutorials too!

- Claire 

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