Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Review: Handmade Type Workshop

Handmade Type Workshop: Techniques for creating original characters and digital fonts by Charlotte Rivers is an absolute must have book for anyone teaching a typography project! It's full to the brim with inspirational work by contemporary designers. The book is divided into two parts. Part One 'Character Creation' is divided into 5 chapters illustrated/hand drawn, printed stitch & cut, digitally drawn, 3D/installation and found/photographed and what makes it so brilliant is that it has designer profiles followed by brilliant simple to follow step by step tutorials (see below). Part two 'Font Creation' is made up of 2 chapters, preparing characters and creating a font family, and it takes your through the more technical digital processes and associated software involved with creating your own font. It's also got amazing 'gallery' sections at the end of each chapter which showcases amazing typography being used in a range of different graphic formats, posters, packaging, art, record covers, clothing and more! (see below)

I think we all love typography here (especially if our pinterest board is anything to go by) but this book has played a huge part in me falling head over heels for typography!  It introduced me to some incredible designers; Mathilde Nivet, Vladimir Koncar, Hansje van Halem and Natasha Mileshina to name just a few and I found this was my go to book when teaching a typography project this year and I'm even more excited to be delivering the same project, but new and improved thanks to this book, next year too! 

What are you waiting for? Grab a copy of it now

- Claire 

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