Monday, 25 June 2012

Project idea: Pinterest

Pinterest is brilliant! I use it constantly - it's essentially a digital pinboard and I find it has completely replaced 'bookmarking' a web page. No longer will I spend time hunting through my bookmarks trying to remember what I called that website! Pinterest is my visual bookmarker! At I heart teaching art we collaboratively update our pinterest and we also have a separate one for college which we use to share resources with students and also to share ideas with each other - I use it when I'm beginning to put together a new scheme of work, like my BTEC L2 Portrait project for the Autumn term which I've been working on this week. 

Anyway, that's a bit about what we use it for and why, so what's the project idea? If you have a look at our college pinterest you'll notice 9 quite distinctive 'Graphics' boards. Looking at a range of artists and techniques is key for our students so I set my AS Graphics class an independent research task using pinterest! Each student had to create an account, research artists/designers in the 9 different materials/techniques categories, 'pin' at least 5 images for each category and add a personal response and explain the 3W's who made the work? what materials/techniques have they used? why was it made (i.e. exhibition, personal work, etc.)? to the description of each pin. 

I think it's a great project idea and our students responded really well. It's a quick, innovative and exciting way to engage students with contextual research, students can link up with each other and staff to share ideas and inspiration (I've found myself repinning some brilliant things my students have found!) and it's very time effective - instead of students wasting time selecting, printing and sticking down images onto a 'moodboard' type page they are directing time at more purposeful research and annotating all the images they find! 

Pinterest projects have a lot of potential - I'm already making plans for projects for gathering secondary imagery, initial research for essays, idea generating techniques and just looking forward to seeing the way that it evolves as my students continue to use it throughout their A2 year. I'll share any other projects I do with pinterest and I'd love to hear ideas and feedback from anyone else who tries it too! 
- Claire 

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